Max noticed the heat of the cup in his hand as a dash of steam tickled his nose with the unmistakeable flavor of an excellent espresso.

The sun was just coming up and part of Max' morning routine was really feeling gratitude for three things. Today they were:

  • The peaceful night of sleep he had, preparing him for another amazing day
  • The "invisible engine" he built that's taking care of most of the day-to-day in his business
  • That wonderful combo of the smell of coffee, the hit of caffeine and the calm flow from the L-theanine he mixed in

I wish all your days could start like this.

Heck, I wish all of my own days would start like this!

I'm not perfect but that's okay.

Today I wanted to talk with you about what a calm company is for me and how you can design your company to become a calmer place too.

Just a word of warning though: this ain't a magic bullet. No matter how hard I try to create one, no matter how closely I help my clients, there's always serious work in your hands. Because right now, you're the only one that knows everything—from your 10-year vision to the password for your email marketing.

To be frank, that has to end.

That big brain of yours might just be the biggest reason why the business is so chaotic. You shouldn't know so much!

In a calm company:

  • We don't rely on luck, exceptional employees or endless coffees yet... we always deliver at the highest levels of quality.
  • We don't run around putting out fires because... we mastered preventing them.
  • We don't need to know everything that's going on because we trust... that our sales will happen and our value will be delivered.

Instead of being addicted to feeling busy, we have built the engine that makes running the business...easy.

We eliminate what's useless, automate what's boring and simplify what's complex.

Because let us not forget that amidst the spreadsheets, the sales calls, the product launches, it is the human heart that beats at the core of all we do.

It matters that we grow, not just for growth's sake, but because what we are building is great, and its greatness deserves to be known, to be felt, to ripple out into the world.

That's why for us, designing a calm company is at the core of what we do.

It's a vision worth dreaming of, a goal worth working for.

Let's start with the first pillar—because this might be the easiest 20 hours you can save in a month.

– Marcel SamynGo crush it. With love. 🚀❤️